20. nov.. 2020
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Charli D'Amelio got cancelled by 30 year olds for wanting dino nuggets
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  • This just made me want dino nuggets

    BradBrad5 minutter siden

    Citizen ZCitizen Z12 minutter siden
  • Charli is so overated

    ReflectistツReflectistツ12 minutter siden
  • Express vpn go brrrrtttttt

    JEISKOJEISKO21 minutt siden
  • She looks like a dude and she has no talent

    Jack SauerJack Sauer36 minutter siden
  • Bring back bgmedia??

    MinecraftguyMinecraftguy36 minutter siden
  • U should react to captainblingbling on tiktok for a video

    jude fern sprinksjude fern sprinksTime siden
  • tbh i just think shes a diva and i hate her to people who likes her not my problem also she probbaly just wants followers tbh hold ur stupid comments to ur self just my opinion

    Sle3pySle3pyTime siden
  • I'm watching the background game and honestly you got me absolutely stressed.

    pooknucklespooknucklesTime siden
  • This channel is dying lmao

    Conor MillerConor MillerTime siden
  • I love u memeulous

    StickbuggyStickbuggyTime siden
  • whats the background game?

    smackedsmacked2 timer siden
  • Oh boohoo. Where are her tears? She's only crying coz she got caught. I dunno why people like her. She's bratty and boring. Also if she can't handle backlash then she should get off of the internet. She's not ready for it.

    JezebelJezebel2 timer siden
  • If fanbases are channel names with er at the end we should call ourselves Memeulers

    Mr. ChickenMr. Chicken2 timer siden
  • Charli D'amelio is going to prison let’s be honest she’s committed a sin how dare she ASK if they have any Dino nuggets

    ZRAH _ZRAH _3 timer siden
  • I mean I got really sad about what she said about the if she wanted to have like one million to like followers or something and I just felt that she wasn't appreciating her followers and that made me kind of uncomfortable so I think she would have think about what she was going to say and then say it cuz right now she's losing a lot of followers for that reason and not to be rude but I did unfollowed

    •Wendolyn• Cordero•Wendolyn• Cordero3 timer siden
  • The damilios actually cheated in the mrbeast influencers champonship

    Tim SmithTim Smith3 timer siden
  • That woman is going to make a video on memeulous next

    The Art VanThe Art Van4 timer siden
  • Just here to see who you are cause you commented on one of my tiktoks...moley09..some fuck off buisness yeah boiiiiiii

    Stewart MoleStewart Mole4 timer siden
  • How did she get a platform in the first place she's never done anything that's worthy of fame, also atleast tell the truth when you say stuff, yes you did want to do this video

    Jonny hill123Jonny hill1234 timer siden
  • What game is in the background?

    Tidemann SletakerTidemann Sletaker5 timer siden
  • You know how it's so unfair they get criticized by the people when they do something that isnt even illegal. it's like "You are famous so you 'MUST' have good personality, and we're watching you so be respectful." and the people saying this aren't even caring about themselves and seeing how they act.

    Carti NLCarti NL6 timer siden
  • i dont rlly care abt the drama tbh its dumb but why is she famous?

    uhhh get it to itt kekekekkeuhhh get it to itt kekekekke7 timer siden
  • So a grown woman is so upset that she didn’t get a ‘thank you’ for an unwanted critique that she compares *millions of people dying* to a 16 year old that asked for chicken nuggets!? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Fatted EmuFatted Emu7 timer siden
  • It's actually crazy that grown adults have been sending her death threats because she wanted dino nuggets

    soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuy8 timer siden
  • What game is this?

    Android GamerAndroid Gamer9 timer siden
  • poeple be canceling for bs like ... realy cause she is setting goals and wants dino nuggies .. realy yall need to chill

    aod jerarmyaod jerarmy9 timer siden
  • who tf is giving kids fame??

    KASHZOROKASHZORO10 timer siden
    • What game is he playing it looks fun.

      soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuy8 timer siden
  • free monfs fo free

    EnvyEnvy11 timer siden
  • Memeulous simp

    mdok16mdok1611 timer siden
  • -nice-

    CIACIA11 timer siden
  • I'm almost 21 and I still would prefer dino nuggets over snails. I'd be canceled so quick if that is the line 😂

    Hais CrozierHais Crozier12 timer siden
  • if charli burned down a food shelter i would agree

    Alpha Professor KombatAlpha Professor Kombat13 timer siden
  • Bruh who wouldnt want dino nuggets? I want dino nuggets right after eating dino nuggets i want more, theyre a delicacy. Also yeah its not that big of a deal.

    Hi thereHi there13 timer siden
  • Yo JackG made a video saying u kidnapped 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Annette LehmannAnnette Lehmann13 timer siden
  • People really make compilations titled “Charli finally acting her own age 🙄” And then freak out when Dixie doesn’t want to eat a snail & Charli asks for Dino nuggets Why would you give Charlie so much hype and then when she gets excited to hit a huge mile stone you take it as not appreciating her fans- I don’t get it, cancel culture doesn’t work.

    S p r o u tS p r o u t15 timer siden
  • This is karma for cheating in MrBeast tournament they deserve it

    J 17J 1716 timer siden
    • yeah

      CHASEVILLA UwUCHASEVILLA UwU13 timer siden
    • wtf

      Gregorius BintangGregorius Bintang13 timer siden
  • I want dino nuggets now.

    Ryan MooreRyan Moore16 timer siden
  • She saying al this crap and I freakin bet the United States she wouldn’t eat a snail just saying:/)

    Ulises UrquillaUlises Urquilla16 timer siden
  • apparently people said she bought followers to get to 100M.

    Primal RightsPrimal Rights17 timer siden
  • it’s crazy how much people care about this “scandal”, man how bad is your life? pathetic ass adults who actually hate this girl for this.

    mr depressionmr depression17 timer siden
  • This is George’s best style of content. Just bringing focus to people who act like the world is ending because of some pointless thing in a perfectly comedic way

    Colm NolanColm Nolan17 timer siden
  • What game is he playing it looks fun.

    Gaming With JoelGaming With Joel17 timer siden
  • Looks like Charli D’Malaria has hit a new low

    ArcadeArcade17 timer siden
  • Congrats, you somehow managed to mention someone’s age more that leafy. Jeez we get it she’s 16

    Foof The GoofFoof The Goof17 timer siden
  • On behalf of the black race we wholeheardtly disown this woman

    Lego YodaLego Yoda18 timer siden
    • She tis but a Twitter lurker waiting to pounce

      Garbage ProductionsGarbage Productions15 timer siden
  • nice, now wake up to find something else to get offended by

    skottlesskottles18 timer siden
  • Look, I don’t know much about Charli and I’m tired of her popping up in my recommended for no reason- but God damn. To hell with snails, I want Dinonuggets too.

    Subject DeltaSubject Delta18 timer siden
    • fuk if someone gave me snail i would react worse. and there only reacting like that because there jealous of charli D'amelio

      foopyu noouifoopyu nooui17 timer siden
  • Okay so let me get this straight THEYRE MAD CAUSE SHE ASKED FOR DINO NUGGIES LMAO

    MoronWithaPot -MoronWithaPot -19 timer siden
    • I’m gonna stop u there boss🤣

      foopyu noouifoopyu nooui17 timer siden
  • Yall Look Stupid Look at Her Now

    Official RenjiOfficial Renji20 timer siden
  • Dino nuggets gonna kill us all

    Duck ChoiceDuck Choice20 timer siden

    Pesky JeskyPesky Jesky21 time siden
  • J

    Marian KociaMarian Kocia21 time siden
  • The only person I understand

    kaffingkaffing21 time siden
  • Memeulous has literally turned into a youtuber for children, what has happened to you man? You used to be memeulous but now you've sold out big time.

    Yes NoYes No22 timer siden
  • *kudos*

    TeqzTeqz22 timer siden
  • Just look up Phil the thrill he has a NOworld channel... and a tiktok. That you need to react to

    Daniel ParkerDaniel Parker22 timer siden
  • wow it's like people needed some reason to hate charli and dixie d'a-mario

    Minemaster 1337Minemaster 133722 timer siden
  • She has 101million followers now

    Arluxe The secondArluxe The second23 timer siden
  • Dude Dino Nuggets are the best, how dare this woman be mad at her for wanting the best food ever

    StevieBabiStevieBabi23 timer siden
  • I’m gonna stop u there boss🤣

    Esrom AlemEsrom Alem23 timer siden
  • fuk if someone gave me snail i would react worse. and there only reacting like that because there jealous of charli D'amelio

    Team AssaultTeam Assault23 timer siden
  • This is why tik tok makes me lose faith in humanity.

    A Happy Saurus.A Happy Saurus.Dag siden
  • idn why she was called out for this but still she treats her followers like numbers

    XpineXpineDag siden
  • Wanting Dino nuggies is not a war crime

    Itsyourboi 101Itsyourboi 101Dag siden
  • memeulous is that one classmate who solves every problem

    Meme lordMeme lordDag siden
  • What's the game you're playing

    e ee eDag siden
  • If I were her I would just put the snails to the side and eat the good stuff

    Aubrey Bergeron OfficialAubrey Bergeron OfficialDag siden
  • Simp Jk I like ur content

    humanhumanDag siden
  • *cool*

    Xsuperior tremilyXsuperior tremilyDag siden
  • Dino nuggets are amazing and how dare anyone cancel someone because of that

    Eeveemation StudiosEeveemation StudiosDag siden
  • 16 year old girl after unknowingly Bering fed a snail: can we eat something else? Everyone: OmG tHAtS lIkE sO RudE aN d tOTaLly UnrXcePtEble

    qwertyuiopqwertyuiopDag siden
  • Lmao being a grown adult and hating on a 16 year old girl for not wanting to eat snails and asking for DINO NUGGETS lmao

    PnX KevannPnX KevannDag siden
  • Dixie is disrespectful lol

    FFCHFFCHDag siden
  • Fair enough I wouldn’t eat snails aswell I love snails

    Foxy06 4Foxy06 4Dag siden
    • them from being effected by this you need to buy war bonds!

      yaliso gioouyyaliso gioouyDag siden
  • I’m on his side 😂✌🏻

    CinnamonCinnamonDag siden
  • You’re late

    Coral Da potatoCoral Da potatoDag siden
    • flourish for the next millennia. The group of people who destroyed Tiktok and turned youtube into a wasteland, they have gone into hiding, only to emerge when news of a new

      yaliso gioouyyaliso gioouyDag siden
  • I don’t understand why people are mad at her for not liking the food she pays if she is unhappy with the food she knows she’s paying for she has a right to say something lmao

    Tana M-SmorgiewiczTana M-SmorgiewiczDag siden
  • lol i already have express vpn

    crouchesincrevicescrouchesincrevicesDag siden
  • Not even a fan of the D'Ameilos but they don't deserve this shit TBH..... Imagine getting mad over a *16 year old* wanting *dino... fuckin' nuggies...*

    Kristopher BaileyKristopher BaileyDag siden
  • 3:26 This *adult* is dragging this shit WAY to far at this point

    Kristopher BaileyKristopher BaileyDag siden
  • Like honestly I am glad I deleted tik tok

    Grx CryptoGrx CryptoDag siden
  • Sees title “finally some good fucking news”

    Victoria MartinezVictoria MartinezDag siden
  • Charli d'Amelio: "I’m not the biggest fan of snails, anyone got any dino nuggets?" twitter tards: *she is clearly disrespecting french culture let's end her career*

    epic gamerepic gamerDag siden
  • i clicked on this video and thought it was the wrong one when the kid started talking

    RhysdaBeastRhysdaBeastDag siden
  • she just hit 100M take the L

    Emmanuel MarreroEmmanuel MarreroDag siden
    • Who?

      Karmic AtomKarmic Atom2 timer siden
  • so she says "im a fussy eater" then has a go at charliu for wanting nuggets over snails 🤔🤔

  • im glad

  • Let’s comment and say give Charlie Dameliothe chicken nougats

    Bob NoBob NoDag siden
  • Yo imagine consuming 8,000 calories per day and then criticising a child for their eating habits, trish needs to get a grip 😂

    GooneGooneDag siden
  • Everyone: “I will do... whatever... you ask me... to do...” TikTok: “You must go into the temple and kill all the remaining Jedi for treason against the Republic.” Tiktok: *Holograms NOworld* Tiktok: “The time has come. Execute order 66.” NOworld: “It will be done my lord” Damelio: No, Anny, you’re breaking my heart... Everyone: Force chokes Charli Damelio Everyone: You turned her against me. Twitter: You have done that yourself. When the movie ends, Tiktok has been destroyed from the inside and is burning in rubble and structural ruins. NOworld is a wasteland of almost nothing but cringe fortnite youtubers and children’s youtube channels. Twitter is where everyone has migrated, there it will flourish for the next millennia. The group of people who destroyed Tiktok and turned youtube into a wasteland, they have gone into hiding, only to emerge when news of a new hero comes. This hero will be named Discord. Discord will then become the next big hit, until the cycle repeats. Do you want this to affect your children? Of course not! To prevent them from being effected by this you need to buy war bonds!

    DivineBeanDivineBeanDag siden
    • that took a weird turn

      Pyxl PilotPyxl Pilot21 time siden
  • Ok what is this game it looks so fun

    ytlucky_mars584ytlucky_mars584Dag siden
  • What's wrong with snails

    Norli KaironNorli KaironDag siden
  • this song is for you

    A1 AlexA1 AlexDag siden
  • Dude just say u a fan

    Chongo KatongoChongo KatongoDag siden
    • What?

      JJDag siden
  • Dino nuggets are nice

    clucksclucksDag siden
  • Bro she think the jobless gonna eat snails??

    NoobieNoScopeSNoobieNoScopeSDag siden

    IBI GamingIBI GamingDag siden
  • "I want Dino nuggets" the lady be like"what did you SAY PEOPLE ARE DYING CAUSE THERE LOSING THERE JOB AND CAN'T FEED THERE FAMILY"

    Mohammed AbusalimMohammed AbusalimDag siden
  • Cancel culture be like

    LL PandaLL PandaDag siden